Taylor Swift 1989. From Country pop to full blown pop!


1.   Welcome To New York
2.   Blank Space
3.   Style
4.   Out of the Woods
5.   All You Had To Do Was Stay
6.   Shake It Off
7.   I Wish You Would
8.   Bad Blood
9.   Wildest Dreams
10.  How You Get The Girl
11.  This Love
12.  I Know Places
13.  Clean

14.  Wonderland
15.  You Are In Love
16.  New Romantics

17.   I Know Places (Voice Memo)
18.  I Wish You Would (Voice Memo)
19.  Blank Space (Voice Memo)


After getting an impressive Mint Mad About Bout The Beat review for her last Album released two years ago in October 2012, namely, RED here, the Mint reviewer gets on the case straight away to review Taylor Swift‘s latest and long awaited album 1989.

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X Factor Live show 2

There was a lot of drama during the 2nd Live show of X Factor Uk. We get stuck into the shock eliminations of Blonde Electra, Overload Generation, Stephanie Nala and Chloe Jasmine as well as the good and bad performances and Judge’s feedback. Of course this is with the usual banter and jokes, lively chat as usual. Check this out after the jump . Continue reading »

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X Factor Live Show started today


Finally the X Factor Live shows have begun and of course the Mint Reviewer and Lady Mae got stuck into a hearty and lively chat about how it went.

After the jump have a Listen for yourself. Continue reading »

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X factor Round up chat!

So much drama in the LBC, X Factor. The mint reviewer and guest podcaster Lady Mae engage in lively banter about all the shenanigans from the Chairs challenge to Judges Houses. We yap on about the Judges, the choices, the guest judges and who we think will win the show.

Check it out after the jump. Continue reading »

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X Factor- Arena Auditions- Is Mel back on form?

Another hearty slice of Lively X Factor.

Check out our latest podcast complete with jokes, banter and serious discussion about the last episodes of X Factor for the Arena Audition.

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X Factor Arena Auditions

The X Factor Uk

We’re still watching and we’ve got things to say about X Factor.

Check out our lively chat on the X factor shenanigans so far after the Jump.

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X Factor returns to the UK for a new series.

After much hype and great promo, and with one new judge and the return of Simon Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, we couldn’t let this first X Factor episode for 2014 go without a brutal but honest review.  Joining the Mint reviewer for this audio review is Lady Mae or as otherwise known as Miss O Behave.

Check it out after the Jump and let us know what you think.

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Nicole Scherzinger latest Single ‘Your Love’

Last week Nicole Scherzginer released a new solo single since forever. Battling with Rixton, she ended up at #6. Checkout my latest podcast on why I’m TeamNicoleScherzinger and my thoughts on all the other new stuff coming for the Top 40 this week, including Cheryl Cole, Cher Lloyd, Neon Jungle and Magic. Continue reading »

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Fifth Harmony BO$$ -new single and video


Well here it is. Fifth Harmony have been teasing us for ages about new track ‘BO$$’ with fly away comments of what to expect from it and more recently short, (ridiculously short) snippets. Now we finally have the song AND their snazzy new video, well it would be rude not to review it.

After the jump check out the Mint reviewer’s audio review of BO$$. Before you do, please note that ‘yeah I went there’. I threw Little Mix and their song Salute into the pot too.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments- good or bad, it’s all good.

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Cheryl Cole ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ featuring Tinie Tempah

Well here it is. The come back single from Cheryl Cole called Crazy Stupid Love featuring Tinie Tempah. It’s out on 20th July but of course after two years of no music from Cheryl and this being her official comeback song, we just had to do a review.

Check out the audio mint review below (if you continue reading) and find out why this track only gets 2 and half golden stars out of 5. Continue reading »

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Cher Lloyd- Sirens

I was intrigued by Cher Lloyd as an X factor graduate with some potential even when she was derided for her debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’. Yes, it was a bit infantile with its wannabe street sing/rap nursery rhyme style. But it grabbed attention, was not the usual boring output from a talent show contestant and established that Cher just might me an artist that would stay true to herself and do something interesting. Plus she Continue reading »

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Ella Henderson- Ghosts (Official Video)

So after making the live shows of the X factor UK 2012 series and gaining a fan base that heralded her as future and credible star of the future, Ella Henderson finally makes her debut as a solo artists with this track ‘Ghosts’.

I have to say that I am a little surprised by this track but I’m essentially and ultimately mixed. I anticipated that Ella would make her mark with music in the vain of Adele. I expected music that was soft, wispy with a touch of something etheral and thus leaving a haunting and emotional impact. The title for this track consolidated this Continue reading »

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Rita Ora- I will never let you down

I’m not sure what has happened to Rita Ora. Her ‘Hot Right Now’ and her R.I.P (ft Tinie Tempa) were tracks that looked to put her firmly in the collective of acts that went against the grain a little and delivered some sassy realness with some thumping or club beats. They were not safe tracks and stood out because of that. This is why I noticed her and billed her as ’One to Watch’. But her debut album did not keep this theme Continue reading »

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Little Mix- Word Up – for Sport’s Relief 

It’s always a great sign of recognition when an act gets picked to do the official charity song to spearhead a campaign. Sport’s Relief kicks off on 21st March this year and Little Mix have the honour of the doing the Charity single.

Originally sung by Cameo nearly 30 years ago in 1986 we were told that ’Word up’ was the chosen single. When I heard this I had mix feelings. Indeed when Spice Girl ‘Mel B’ covered this in 1999, I understood this Continue reading »

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Thoughts on Beyonce’s surprise release album

So when Beyonce’ decided without ceremony or any prior notice to drop her album on 13th December, the internet almost crashed. Thereafter itunes was being raided for this hot cake of a ‘visual album’ and as I type the album is still sitting pretty at the top of the charts across the world. Now, I have taken some time to listen and absorb the album before reviewing it. See my review here. But as I allowed it to marinate with me, people continue to ramble on about what a game changer Beyonce’ is, how fantastic the album is and how amazing it is that she did absolutely no pre-album promo beforehand. All this whilst still managing to shift serious units.  I haven’t been fooled so easily and I have a slightly different take on it all.

It cannot be denied that Beyonce’s approach to the release of this 5th album is thought to be fresh and new. Whether this is actually the case is questionable as other artists have released ‘surprise’ albums. This includes Radio head, Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie who did so to celebrate his 66th birthday. Also in terms of the ‘visual album’ concept, Tori Amos did this in 2009. Whatever the case, Beyonce’s strategy and her superstar status has helped to fuel the notion that she has now single handedly reinvented the run of the mill standard practice of the music industry and how music is released.

So as well as the lack of announcement, we unusually have visuals for each and every track on Beyonce’s album. That’s 17 videos! That, my friends is A LOT of work and an amazing feat to have kept secret through to release. But therein lies the point. Beyonce’ is a smart business woman. It is no secret that her 4th album ‘4′ under performed. That’s Continue reading »

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